Shelter manufacturing option

After a detailed analysis of your proposed facilities in Mexico (which takes into account the size of the new installations, budget, staff, manufacturing processes, the date you need to have finished goods and overall company needs) you can opt to work in conjunction with a shelter maquiladora company (Maquiladora de albergue).

This arrangement works best for smaller manufacturers in Mexico. In this case, you would contract with a U.S. based firm that already holds several maquiladora permits. These act as sister companies which have as both stand alone and incubator facilities in Mexico.

Many of the largest foreign firms initially landed under a shelter program and then, as they expanded, graduated to form their own corporation.

In most of the times this business system enable foreigner corporations to start manufacturing operations faster than a wholly own subsidiary, this is mainly because there is immediate access to a wide variety of resources including facilities, installations, workforce, permitting and administration services.

Let us go over your México manufacturing plan, and if it fits within this scenario Estrada y Asociados will assist you to identify the best partners for your business needs:

  • Review your company's México manufacturing project
  • Explore Shelter companies resources within specific community or region
  • Product and vendor analysis - Submitting RFP to the best partner to work with
  • Vendor qualification - Short list -recommend options-
  • Review contracts and agreements
  • Will assist you through the whole process
  • If required oversee your manufacturing operation

Small footprint manufacturing operations or with little amount of labor force requirements easily fit in a shelter manufacturing incubator which also ease overhead costs substantially. Latest changes to the maquiladora shelter program: 2015 - 2016 Fiscal/Tax amendment  Please note that we are not tide to any local business or service providers and can therefore provide the best service your firm requires.