From the start-up stages (licensing, plant setup and launch) to daily operations management, our team members have hundreds of hours of hands-on time in varied factory positions, including that of Plant Manager.
We put this expertise and our knowledge of economic development, to good use for both the industry and the local community. Our logistical coordination and project development abilities are second to none, as such; we clearly understand the needs of the maquiladora industry.
We are intimately familiar with the city, state and federal manufacturing regulations and officers—as well as the related business practices—on both sides of the border.
Our affiliate partners and network of colleagues have decades of experience in the Maquiladora industry and are recognized experts in such area as economic development, real estate, manufacturing, accounting / taxes, U.S. – Mexico Customs, international trade, staffing and labor laws. All are highly-competent, detail-oriented, professionals noted for their personal integrity and complete fluency in Spanish and English. In a word: they get the results you need.

Our active involvement with key associations including the International Economic Development Council and lobbying groups in both the U.S. and Mexico, affords us privileged and valuable information. Combine this with our first name relationships with Mexican government officials and EDOs and you have a better idea of how we give a unique level of assistance to both new and established businesses looking to expand.