Our “Soft-landing Solution” is a specialized relocation package that efficiently manages the potentially time-consuming tasks required for opening a satellite office—or factory—in Mexico.

Our tailor-made solutions ensure that the new Mexican subsidiary achieves all the start-up subjects under one comprehensive project administration service. Starting with community selection, real estate location and selection, business incorporation, and licenses and permitting as well as plant set-up management to obtain a cost-effective and timely fashion benefit.

All of this work is done on site; this minimizes cross-border red tape and the cultural / legal impact on your firm. This procures a “soft landing” for your new subsidiary and its staff in Mexico.

Our Soft-Landing Service includes:

Site selection and lease negotiation

We help you to find the best locale for your factory.

Assistance in complying with city, state and federal regulations

We create your own corporation in Mexico; fully legal and complete with all required permits and licenses.

Sourcing of contractors for building improvements

We locate the best professionals at the lowest cost to perform needed improvements and provide a timeline and checklist.

Importation and installation of equipment in Mexico

Complete management of the logistics of shipping your equipment into Mexico: clearance through Customs, delivery and installation.

Sourcing the most qualified vendors

We work closely with you to find the best vendors for your needs. Starting with Notaries, Attorneys and Customs Brokers from both sides of the border, we also provide vendors for your day-to-day operations.