Welcome to Estrada y Asociados

Based in The Cali Baja Bi-National Mega-Region, we provide site location services and economic development consulting for international manufacturing firms, the Mexican Maquiladora industryinternational advisors and site selectors. Our softlanding services are designed to minimize risks and lower barriers in the early stages for establishing cross-border manufacturing businesses allowing the compnaies to achive efficiently its objectives. As your consulting experts we specialize in on-site assistance in:

  • Mexico Site Selection
  • Industrial Real Estate
  • Maquiladora Licenses and permits (IMMEX)
  • Mexico Manufacturing Business Models Analysis
  • Plant Setup Management
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Now serving IT firms and Distribution Centers

We are dedicated to assisting you in making shrewd corporate decisions regarding our region’s resources, workforce, facilities, infrastructure, legalities and partnerships. If you are planning offshore Manufacturing in México and need expert advice in site relocation and eliminating red tape, Estrada y Asociados is your wisest choice for a partner.

Our manufacturing operations expertise and economic development competence will provide you with a safe, systematic start-up, in the shortest time possible. We provide you with the most current, accurate and concise information / documentation, to safely guide you through all the areas of your Mexican business start-up needs. We enable foreign corporations to relocate with a Soft-landing Service which eases you into the Mexican cultural, legal, and manufacturing community.

Choose Estrada y Asociados today, as your Manufacturing and Economic Partner and you can rest easy knowing your firm is receiving the best advice on the market for starrting your Mexico Manufacturing project. We offer you experienced insight on:






Don’t gamble your company’s future in Mexico, contact us now, for a free consultation and get your relocation project off to a great start.