About Mexico

Now is the best time to invest in Mexico. It is a country that enjoys a unique and geographically strategic position, an extraordinary demographic and great natural wealth. These factors, in concert with a positive economic blend of industries, solid international commercial relations, economic stability and notable political maturity, unite to deem Mexico a worthy target for global investment.

Mexico´s exceptional geographic gift is not just its massive, 1,969 miles of northern border with the Unites States; it is also its dual role of acting as a window to the multicultural regions of Central and South America, due south. Additionally, its strategically-blessed position includes extensive sea coasts exposed to Europe in the east and the booming Asia-Pacific markets on the west.

México has a huge workforce, peopled by hard-working, young men and women that enable her to ably compete into the global labor market. Not content on just being a source of unskilled labor, Mexico boasts an extensive pool of skilled workers, ample mid-level technicians and thousands of college graduates in a wide variety of disciplines, many of whom speak English handily.


Why Mexico?

  • A legal framework that protects foreign investment
  • Stable economy
  • Hugh and growing market
  • Competitive workforce
  • Location, location, location
  • Modern communications and infrastructure
  • Direct access to U.S. and Latin American Markets
  • Free trade agreements encouraging global commercial exchange
  • Within the top ten Lowest-Cost Country
  • Number one Best-Cost-Country for U.S. outsourcing