Starting a manufacturing business in Mexico not much different from starting one in any other country. Nevertheless, the last thing your firm wants is to find out they are operating illegally for not taking out the correct permits. Noncompliance with licenses or permits can lead to hefty fines and cause major problems for your company.

Estrada y Asociados can incorporate a business in Mexico on your behalf and secure the required city, state and federal operating permits needed to do business legally there. These licenses include the Maquiladora Permit (IMMEX), which allows your Mexican subsidiary to import raw materials and equipment into Mexico in order to subsequently export the finished goods. This services is designed to support customers with the necessary documentation and assistance to form a LEGAL ENTITY in Mexico and file the required licenses and permits applicatons to operate safely a manufacturing (maquiladora) business in Mexico. We liaise with your staff and government officials to avoid excessive red tape. This ensures that your permits are ready for business when you are. Need more detailed information? Please, contact us now.