Wages and Salaries Studies

We carry out wages and salaries studies with the aim of reflecting current labor market situation in a specific sector, based on a determined location, and designated job positions. This service is conducted by the means of direct survey within companies of the same business type and similar or equals manufacturing processes, and research information through personnel agencies, EDO’s, industrial associations and personal contacts. We take into consideration fringe benefits and overall work environment in our survey to ensure that the client has all the necessary data to manage its resources in the most convenient way. 

The output will help the client to determine wages, salaries, benefits and policies for its general labor, skilled employees, technicians, leadman and supervision, engineering and management positions that will enable the organization to meet its objectives.


Operation Cost

The general operating cost study service is designed to provide a bottom line on how a manufacturing firm may looks like by operating in México at determined size and time. This is carried out with detail day-to-day basis management information provided by the client which is transferred, processed and simulated through proper administration systems to outcome the operating cost of a manufacturing site. The inputs driving this process are established within factors such as payroll, utilities, building leasing, taxes, logistics, consulting services, basic supplies, among others determined by the client needs. 

The study will help the client on planning the right path after the starting phase to determine the proper resources needed to set the company objectives and establishing the correct management systems to meet them.



We have designed this service to assist clients with all the necessary information to be used, added and or within its Mexican manufacturing project, and accordingly make the best decisions. This process embraces site selection if required, real estate, business models available, start-up phase cost and requirements, taxes and legal information, including the above services such wages and salaries and operation cost. Upon the completion of this study the client will have a comprehensive document with detailed information and recommendation to take decisions of where, how, when and costs for setting its manufacturing site in México.

Committed to be flexible, all the services are tailored to suit your company needs.