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Aerospace Industry

Mexico Aerospace Statistics

México aerospace industry statistics from 2005 to 2008 shows this manufacturing sector have had an outstanding growth in the whole county, particularly in Baja California with Honeywell in Mexicali who is making plans to expand the Airbus 350 project.





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In September 18, 2007 during the ICAO Assembly in Montreal, the U.S. Secretary Mary Peters and México Minister Luis Tellez singed the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) that will facilitate an increase in the ability to exchange aviation products and services between both countries.


 Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement

Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements provide for bilateral cooperation in a variety of aviation areas, including maintenance, flight operations, and environmental certification. For aircraft certification, an additional document, an Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness, is developed to address specific areas such as design approvals, production activities, export airworthiness approval, post-design approval activities, and technical cooperation.

This Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement between The U.S. and México includes the approvals to DGAC Mexican civil aeronautical entity -Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil- to certify manufactured goods in México.

Manufacturing under Technical Standard Order Authorization (TSOA)

I am a Technical Standard Order (TSO) approved manufacturer and plan to shift manufacturing of my articles to México. What are the necessary steps to retain my FAA TSO Authorization?
An FAA TSO Authorization represents both a design and production approval. While it may be possible to shift some manufacturing of a TSO article to a foreign country, please note that FAA TSO Authorization cannot be transferred under any circumstances [14CFR § 21.621(c)]. Once the entire manufacturing of a TSO article is occurring outside the U.S., the revelant FAA approval becomes a Letter of TSO Design Approval under a bilateral agreement [14 CFR Part 21.617].

Contact the FAA ACO/MIDO office that is responsible for certificate management of your TSO Authorization. Generally, if the TSOA involves manufacturing activities at a location outside of the U.S., the FAA must determine whether the proposed activity poses an undue burden on the FAA. The FAA drafts the Undue Burden Paper using information provided by the applicant [14 CFR §21.604(c)].


Agreement between the government of The United States Of America and the government of The United Mexican States for the promotion of aviation safety document.

Implementation Procedures

Airworthiness covering design approval, production activities, export airworthiness approval, post design activities, and technical assistance between authorities.

Mexican Type Acceptance Certificate

Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC) issues a Type Acceptance Certificate (TAC) based on TC issued by FAA


Mexico Aerospace Industry

While the world’s recession appears to have hit rock bottom, the Mexican aerospace industry is climbing through the economic turbulence to reach clearer skies and a smoother ride.


In recent months, México has become the ideal partner for the aerospace industry, which counts more than one hundred and ninety factories distributed in sixteen states. This partnership has steadily boosted the employment in this sector by a whopping 300% since 2006. Northern Baja California has been deemed a privileged aeronautical engineering and manufacturing locale, with more than fifty plants belonging to a rapidly-growing cluster situated just across the border from California's own aerospace and aircraft industry installations.

Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, Tecate and Mexicali all offer industrial parks and land fit for nearly any size plant.

Those firms ready to capitalize on Mexico’s offering of plentiful high-tech engineers, low labor costs and ample expertise will find an atmosphere ripe for encouraging business expansion and cost reductions.

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