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Baja California

About Baja California

According to 2010 Census Baja California has a population of 3,155,070, annual growth rate of 2.75, population density of 156 per sq. mile and median age of 26 years.

The state covers 20,274.5 sq. miles and is bordered by the state of California U.S.A. on the north and Baja California Sur on the south, 397 miles long of Sea of Cortés on east and 460 miles long of the Pacific Ocean on the west, as well as the state of Arizona U.S.A. on the north east.

Baja California enjoys an exceptional geographic location, outstanding natural beauty, large young population, well recognize education centers, and visionary stakeholders and entrepreneurs positioning our region in the global market place.

Natural beauties start at the long virgin beaches in the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortés with spectacular sunsets, great for relaxing, water sports and fishing. Inland will find extensive deserts with a large variety of wild life along the impressive forest sierras for camping and hunting. In between sierras can find fertile valleys with excellent weather to grow fruits and vegetables, especially grapes, like in Valle de Guadalupe homeland to the world’s fine and famous baja wines.

With natural markets to The United States through the eighth largest world’s economy, and the Asia pacific international trade center, large skilled labor workforce, new infrastructure developments, growing manufacturing clusters, and now integrated into the Cali – Baja Bi-national mega region initiative, appoint Baja California as the manufacturing site of the future economic development worldwide.

Baja California Population Census 2010: 3,155,070

Estimated Population 2016: 3,534,688.

State Unemployment Rate: 2.1

Last updated: 5/2018.

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