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State Infrastructure

Northern Baja California State Infrastructure

Northern Baja California’s (Baja California Norte or B.C.N. in Spanish) infrastructure supports a massive housing, urban development, tourism, commercial and industrial sector. The State Highway System—that connects the smallest towns to the largest cities—includes world-class, toll-superhighways.

Northern Baja’s three international airports are located in San Felipe, Mexicali, and Tijuana; of these, Tijuana is fifth busiest in passenger flow for the country. Additionally, there is a military and commercial airport in Ensenada that receives regular private flights.

Northern Baja’s main ports are located in Ensenada, Sauzal (Ensenada), San Felipe, Playas de Rosarito and Isla de Cedros. The Port of Ensenada the second busiest in the country in the number of tourists it services. It is currently being refitted to receive high-volume cruise liners and super container ships wishing to anchor in Baja California.

Electrical Grid
Electrical power is provided through a network of plants that efficiently satisfies the needs of commerce, industry and the local population. Currently, it services nearly 600,000 customers, of whom 53,000 are commercial users and 3,000 are industrial; the remainder have varied needs and/or are for domestic consumption. The electrical power industry has capability to supply the demand over the next seven years.

Water Supply
In Baja California, access to tap water is guaranteed. The water source that supplies the Mexicali valley and Tijuana comes mainly from the Colorado River, as well as from agricultural wells that assure water supply all year long. Some central and coastal areas depend on both wells and rainfall.

Baja California is fully covered by a communications grid that enjoys satellite, microwave and digital coverage within urban areas as well as fiber-optic and cell phone networks elsewhere.
This communications infrastructure supports the State’s industrial complexes, which consists of 83 industrial parks and centers.

A breakdown of these, by city:

  • Tijuana - 51
  • Mexicali - 22
  • Ensenada - Six,
  • Playas de Rosarito - One
  • Tecate - Three.

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